Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recover from the Holiday's 2012

Photo by Gelmis
Christy-photo by Gelmis

Recover from the Holidays 2012 on the surface seems like an easy "Fat Asssssspirin" to run. It is not. The reason why is that the RFH 50K is a 3 mile loop with a hemorrhoid inducing hill that you do 10 times. I ran this race in 2010 and 2011, never going over 5 loops (plus the initial 1 mile). Imagine doing 10 loops of hard packed clay. I determined within myself to complete the race for 2012. This years race directors were Tony and Christy Scott and these honkers put on a nice spread. The race begins and for the first time in my life I find myself in the lead and there are pictures to prove it. Now at about 400' the eventual winner passes me along with about 20 more people, but that is not the point. I was in the friggin lead for a measurable amount of time. So kiss my butt. After the initial 1 mile we begin the 10-3 mile loops. My goal was to accomplish the race in about 5hr 30m. 
Will, Laura, James-Photo by Gelmis
Tony, Me, Alex-Photo by Gelmis

However, Mr. Taco himself Will Barnwell for some reason got it in my head that I could do a 5 hr 50K. So I begin the race with a pace under 9:30/mile for the first 2 loops. Just like a rookie I start breaking down because this pace is UNDER 5hr finish. Finally I settle around a 10 minute pace as Ann Noble passes me. What the crap Ann? I blocked the wind for you on Chaney Thompson during the 2011 Rocket City Marathon and and you body slam me that race and the next two. Well anyway....I am on my 5th loop going down the big hill and BAM! I hit the ground and did a barrel roll...my toe was throbbing like a pair of skinny jeans on Rosie O'Donnell. I just laid there for a minute. Tim Vinson ran by and blew a snot rocket on me and called me a sissy. As I now nestle in the fetal position I realize... "I have an excuse to quit...Friggin Yeah!" So I get up and began to finish the loop with all intentions on quitting. My toe was jammed up and knee was hurting. I may have trickled in my runderwear a little...not real sure. I knew once I got back that I must sell my injury or else I would get made fun of. I come to the tent and state "I'm out..." and begin to explain my tumble, toe and spleen pain...Christy looks at me and says, "You're not quitting". Tony points his finger back to the path...So I knew I had to ratchet it up a little. I laid on the ground and took my shoe and sock off and held my toe with a grimacing pain for dramatic effect. Unfortunately my toes were not disgusting enough and Christy tells the lap keepers not to mark me off that he's not quitting. Did she not hear the english words coming out of my mouth? I quit! So I got up and started out for another loop. During my display of pansyness Laura, Patty and Benj pass me. The last time Laura beat me was Mtn Mist 2010.  I usually beat  Benj and Patty. It's not that I was having a bad day...they were having a great day.
Loren & Patty-Gelmis
Eric & Benj-Gelmis
As I went down the big hill I hit the same freakin root on my big toe again. I yell into the air while I do that run where your nose is 6" from the ground but you never hit. I could not believe I almost busted in the same place again. This time whatever pain had diminished before the "Stumping of the toe from Helllllllens house", came back with a vengeance. This is where I really had to put on my big boy britches. This time as I return to the tent I grab a Mtn Dew and look delirious for a second. I hear Dana or someone try to encourage me...it helped. I set out again. Not sure if it was the mixture of Mtn Dew with peanut M&M's and peanut butter crackers or what, but I start to get a little giddy-up in my step. The last 3 laps I turn it on and run the hills pushing to finish and close the gap with Patty, Benj and Laura. On the last lap I am pushing so strong that Dink Taylor recognizes it and tells me so. My toe, knee, pelvis and coin purse are all in pain but I was determined to beat my 50K PR. As I approach the finish I was pleased with my last 6 mile push and only regretted my whinefest and mind defeat around mile 16 which cost me approximately 10 minutes. Nevertheless, I finished @ 5:39:06 which was a 42 second PR resulting in 24th overall. 

Nose Pickers (Jimm, Me, Sarah, Stacy)- Photos by Gelmis
While I did good, I actually missed the real point of this race. Well at least the point of why I was really running the RFH 50K...It's about the people. Running with old and new friends. People who remember your name. I truly enjoy this community. Especially seeing new runners join and tackle the trails on Saturday's. As always, I appreciate the encouragement and fun we have together. May I beat you all in 2013!

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Diana & Allison-Photo by Gelmis
The Cantrell's-Photo by Gelmis

Casey & Robin-Photo by Gelmis
Debi-Photo by Gelmis

Shar-Photo by Gelmis
Rebecca, Olivia & Megan-Photo by Gelmis

Will, Carol, & Laura-Photo by Gelmis
Ann, Jennifer (aka No Clue) & Suze-Photo by Gelmis